Why Us?

At SH Labs, we believe that each cosmetic project is unique and one-of-a-kind. We listen to your specific requirements, we identify your needs, all the while drawing-up a plan that includes the latest market trends to custom-build your dream products. From product packaging to marketing, we look after it all. 

  • Pain - we understand your pain points. We are focused.
  • Market data - we are backed by authentic data.
  • Build your own Brand - we support your dreams and see them through.
    • Cluttered, fragmented market landscape with counterfeit, smuggled items

    • Customer confusion & mistrust of ingredients and quality

    • Unable to find the right product at a suitable price

    • Other local brands don't understand our concerns


      4.1 Billions $

      Market Growth rate 15%

    • UAE

      370 Millions $

      Market Growth rate 7.6%

    • UK

      9.8 Billions £

      Market Growth rate 7.6%

    • USA

      17.7 Billions $

      Market Growth rate 5.97%

    • EUROPE

      19.8 Billions $

      Market Growth rate 7.52%

    “Bring your brand to the very top”

    Our personalized 4 step approach is reflected in four overall programs:

    1. Creative, 2. Innovative  3. Reliable  4. Intelligent.

    We offer world class expertise in the area of Innovative, Creative & Reliable surface treatments on primary and secondary packaging paper and plastic containers for color cosmetics, skincare, fragrance and the toiletry industry within the lead-time and even for small quantity requirements.

    At SH Labs we believe that in today’s fast-paced, competitive market, every brand must fight to achieve its own shelf presence, but often without the costs and lead-time associated with proprietary tooling.

    We developed the exclusive, “Build Your Own Brand” module to create proprietary packaging solutions, designed to meet your specific criteria and requirements. Drawing in on our in-house R&D plus tooling and manufacturing capabilities in Pakistan & China, we take your dream project from inception through concept and to delivery. 

    We always strive to keep our customers and consumers satisfied throughout, which pushes us to keep our promise and never compromise on product quality and always come up with safe and effective products for our customers for a long term and sustainable business.


    Creativity is our core strength- we’ll give you nothing but the best.

    95% of customers try beauty products based on the packaging thus converting the highest sales.

    SH Labs is more than just a packaging supplier; discover our creative capabilities and services plus product inspirations to take cosmetic ranges to the next level for leading cosmetic, beauty, and cosmeceutical brands.

    Taking things from the ordinary and turning them into the extraordinary.

    Good looking packaging is an extremely important aspect when it comes to the success of the product in the ever-evolving, and competitive cosmetic and beauty market. With experience and expertise, our creative team will assist you in product design to deliver results. We understand the importance of great design that’ll turn an ordinary cosmetic bottle into an exceptional looking one! 

    As the demand for natural and organic formulas rise, many skincare businesses are on the look-out for smart packaging that ensures extra protection for their sensitive formulas and ones that will increase product shelf life. Airless and pump bottles are options developed to meet this demand. Airless and pump packaging allows customers to choose from a wide range of styles, sizes and shapes with enhanced performances, ergonomics and aesthetics. Airless bottles allow 99% product dispensing and are available with a wide range of customizable options.

    “Become a partner and we shall help your business rise to the top”. 

    TOP PLATES that make a difference.

    Select from fliptone and prismatic finishes as well as stunning diamond-effect top-plates to make your product stand-out and give it that luxe, premium feel. 

    This trend combines glistening dimension and complex celestial foiled designs; creating sustainable cosmetics packaging that shines bright and stands out.

    • Top Plates- make all the difference
    • Personalized Engraving- leave your mark
    • Emboss- claim your art
    • Foil- eye catching 
    • Matte- flawlessly finished
    • Gloss- perfection
    • Metalized- magical
    • Plastic Pump- reuse, recycle
    • Glass- clarity & purity
    • Plastic- sturdy & sustainable


    We can’t stress enough on the importance of research. We do it right.

    SH LABS has a highly qualified team dedicated to innovating and evolving makeup trends in all its glorious forms. Our innovation network spans across 3 continents and lives and breathes the global beauty atmosphere. Our laboratories turn each market’s unique needs into sheer reality through the most innovative technologies and raw materials to produce products that meet global beauty standards and trends. SH LABS’ commitment to Research & Development is the back-bone of our company and represents the future success of yours.

    • Formulas tested by Experts
    • Backed by Powerful Ingredients
    • 100% Dermatologist recommended
    • Skincare Range Results in 14 days
    • 100% Product Warranty with secure investment
    • Mercury Free
    • No Steroids
    • Vegan
    • Paraben Free
    • Non-comedogenic
    • Sulphate Free
    • Formaldehyde Free
    • Natural Essentials oils & Extracts
    • GMP Certified


      You can count on us- we have your best interest in mind.

      SH LABS has a skilled team dedicated in formulating dependable, reliable and innovative cosmetics and makeup in all its forms to produce products that cater to each market’s unique customer profiling and needs. The product's formulations change keeping the following factors in mind: region wise, high to low temperatures, demographically, types of skin, and skin undertones.


      Our Customer Care Service is committed to pleasing our customers.

      Backed by over 700,000 genuine reviews directly from our customers, we take inspiration and feedback seriously and apply them to our formulations. Powered by consumer needs, SH Labs creates one-of-a-kind products to suit all your specific needs.

      Strategic alliances over massive Partners worldwide.

    1. Best Selling Formulas 
    2. Premium, High-Quality Packaging.
    3. Aesthetically Designed Packaging.
    4. Regionally Compatible Product formulations.
    5. Extensive Range of Colors Plus Capacity to Introduce New Colors.
    6. Agile, Swift Process.
    7. Understanding Manufacturer Mindset