About Us

Our strongest brand under SH Labs is “BBA BY SULEMAN” which is one of the top rated brands when it comes to color cosmetics/pigments and skincare segments in Pakistan.

SH Labs was formed in the early 70’s by our Chairman Mr. Sheikh Abdul Hameed. We at SH Labs identified the need for smart products that delivered results, starting-out as a small cosmetics company focusing on building its own brand “Berg Amla Shampoo” and “Berg Skincare''. Within a few years after starting-up ,our customer-base was sold on herbal ingredients along with our approach to cosmetic science which resulted in the brand leading the market even in the most urban areas of Pakistan. 

In the last couple of years, SH Labs has grown exponentially and now offers a variety of manufacturing facilities, OEM product development, innovative & sustainable packaging of products has unsurpassed beyond expectations, courtesy of our extensive global sourcing network. With our in-house team of skilled and qualified experts, our services now cover; creative & technical problem solving, graphic designing & modeling, bespoke product making, testing & compatibility, to sourcing ingredients from across the globe. To top it off, we even offer you unique marketing strategies to launch your own brand in the market.

To develop essential links with manufacturers in the region, we established our office in China in 2015. An office near Shanghai and a representative office in Dubai followed next, establishing SH Labs’s presence in Asia and the Middle East, further increasing our sourcing and quality management capabilities.

SH Labs is one of the oldest and most established cosmetics manufacturing companies in Pakistan serving the industry in the categories of color cosmetics and skin care products for over four decades. SH Labs has led the beauty market with its innovative products and positioned itself differently from run-of the mill products. 

Through its up-to-date, smart technology systems and R&D facilities, SH Labs has been able to establish itself as an innovative and ever-evolving organization. The research team at SH Labs includes highly skilled cosmetic chemists and scientists and their primary focus is on product development using the latest, trending, yet safe cosmetic ingredients.  

In addition to product research, SH Labs strongly believes in extensive market research as well. Our entire product development process is done based on consumer insights and data. Our products are thoroughly tested and formulated with 100% organic & herbal ingredients. All our products are Paraben-free, Mercury-free, Sulfate-free & Non-toxic. Healthy skin is our top most priority, which is why we hand-select the safest ingredients that are safe and gentle on the skin yet extremely effective. Our strongest brand under SH Labs is “BBA BY SULEMAN” which is one of the top rated brands when it comes to color cosmetics/pigments and skincare segments in Pakistan.

Halal Certification