What we do?

Through our up-to-date and well-equipped R&D facilities, SH Labs has been able to establish itself as an innovative organization. We strive for excellence in everything that we do be it our products or keeping our customer-base happy. We are continuously evolving to provide our beauty conscious customers with the best quality products that are affordable, effective and safe.

 At SH Labs, we have a turnkey solution for our customers, right from choosing the ingredients to ready for sale. We’ll be with you, each step of the process. With over 45 years of cosmetic packaging design and manufacturing expertise, each step of the product development process is guided by consumer insights. Our products range includes.

Product Formulation:

SH Labs takes a lead when it comes to product formulation through its vast experience in the industry. We have been formulating products for over 40 years, throughout our years of experience we have now mastered the art of perfectly formulating products according to our customers' needs. SH Labs has already formulated products for many successful brands of today which are currently reaping success in the market.

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Bulk Manufacturing:

Our current production capacity is over 300 tons of cream, 50,000 liters of lotion, 50,000 liters of serum, our flexible production methods and shorter lead times on demand, experienced product development team for new products, and our production facilities fulfill all hygiene and safety requirements GMP Certification  No. 06541/FIN64 ISO 22716:2007 with highly skilled and qualified staff, including management and administrative staff,and an in-house fully equipped laboratory, allows us greater flexibility in creating and testing new products as well as testing existing products. 

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Packaging Development:

We have a complete, fully functional, in-house packaging development department for our customers. Currently we have a production capacity of 2,000,000 jars per month, with a spare capacity and potential to increase production output as needed.

Our Packaging Development facilities include:

  • Blow and Injection molding for jar/caps/seals.

Pictures of Inhouse Jar Mold Available Pakistan


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Packaging Designing & Development:

SH Labs offers expert level Packaging Designing services to its existing customers. Our team of design experts and a fully functional design house can design your packaging for your product(s) using the latest, high-tech tools, and keeping your design trendy. Once your product is designed and finalized we develop the packaging accordingly. In addition to designing your packaging for you, we also have an in-house printing facility and offer metalized paper and cardboard as well. 

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Export & Logistics:

Our capability of delivering our products to the customers worldwide from our own platform makes SH Labs a true hub of services in the cosmetic industry. Whether it's a finished product, cosmetic ingredients or just packaging, we make sure to deliver the products at our customer’s door step in time. SH Labs has its export base in China, Pakistan & Dubai which enables us to access almost all land, air and sea routes to reach anywhere globally.

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Business Consultancy and Brand Activation:

At SH Labs we offer personalized, focused and dedicated marketing and business consultation services. Committed to meeting the broad-spectrum needs of a wide range of clients, SH Labs has the leadership and extensive experience to take each project from inception to completion, seamlessly. 

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Businesses Research:

SH Labs is leading the ‘beauty’ market by introducing technology and science backed products that have been positioned very differently from your regular, beauty products. Our portfolio is vast, and includes Color Cosmetics and Makeup, Hair Care, Skin Care and Dermaline products. Through our well-equipped R&D facilities, SH Labs has been able to establish itself as an innovative organization that relies on the latest technology and trends to provide you products that actually work. The research team of SH Labs includes certified chemists and ‘skincare’ scientists and their main focus is on product development using most researched and trending ingredients. In addition to product research, SH Labs strongly believes in market research as well as all our product development is backed byon consumer insights. Our products are thoroughly tested, re-tested and then developed as per our consumer's needs.