Production Capabilities

SH Labs has its own manufacturing plants in Pakistan with partnering manufacturing plants in China which successfully manufacture color cosmetics, skin care, Hair & Body care products in various sizes which includes Retail sales, whole selling finish or bulk packaging goods, cosmetics ingredients for industrial use, cosmetics packaging to smaller to larger buyers for the beauty brands.

SH Labs’s unique strength lies in the delivery of products from a single source location, offering clients all the services right from the formulation of products to the delivery as a finished product at door step.

Current production capacity is the assembly of 100 tons of cream, 15000 liters of lotion, 15000 liters of serum and 300,000 approx. filling of jars, bottles and tubes per month, with spare capacity and potential to increase production output as per requirement.

Production facilities include:

  • Lipstick Line
  • Three-roll mill 150L
  • Melting pot
  • Filling machine
  • Cooling tunnel 
  • Demoulding machine
  • Mold preheating
  • Silicone mold
  • Aluminum mold

Press powder Line and Lab small machines 

  • Super micro grinder
  • Powder mixer 
  • Powder sifting 
  • Powder press semi-auto
  • Powder press laboratory 
  • Powder press Regular 
  • Three-roll mill  65L and 150L
  • Lipstick Filling 

Cream Jar Line

  • 4 head hot filling machine
  • 5 path circulating lines
  • Cooling tunnel


  • Automatic Tube filling
  • Table Type lipstick filling machine
  • Hot filling machine with mixing
  • Single Head Pressure Mascara Filling Machine

Flexible production methods and shorter lead times on demand

Experienced and creative new product development team our production facilities fulfill all hygiene and safety requirements by GMP Certification  No. 06541/FIN64 ISO 22716:2007 with highly skilled and qualified staff, including management and administrative staff, In-house fully equipped laboratory, which allows us greater flexibility in creating and testing new products as well as in product testing.

  • 8 hour production
  • Warehouse space for 5000 Cartons
  • Full product barcode system
  • Fully integrated ERP software platform for supply chain control & reporting
  • Qualified English speaking customer service team always ready to exceed customer expectations  

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